And Blog Post Options (Theme Settings > Blog > Post) are:
1) Blog Post Default Layout (choose Right/Left Sidebar or Full Width)
2) Post Format Icons' Colors (Standard, Image, Video, Gallery, Aside, Link, Quote)
3) Show/Hide Posts Title
4) Show/Hide Posts Date
5) Show/Hide Posts Categories
6) Show/Hide Posts Author
7) Show/Hide Posts Comments
8) Show/Hide Post Tags
9) Show/Hide Posts Navigation
10) Show/Hide Post Sharing Block
11) Show/Hide About Author Box
12) Show/Hide More Posts Block
13) Related, Popular & Latest Posts Boxes Items Number


In Blog Post  settings you can define default settings for all new Blog posts you create. Nevertheless,  you can as well edit some of these settings for separate blog posts individually, as well as manage more options via Post Options when editing each separate post. Read more about Post Options.