All Cmsmasters' themes offer a following variety of sidebars: Top, Right/Left, Middle and Bottom. You can add either all of them to your page, or choose to have some of them, only one or none at all. Please see where the sidebars are located on the front end:


If you proceed to Appearance - Widgets area in your admin panel, you will be able to add widgets to any of these sidebars.  A variety of widgets includes the standard WordPress widgets, custom Cmsmasters widgets (with CMSMS prefixes), Woocommerce widgets (if your theme supports Woocommerce), and slider plugins widgets. To add a widget to your sidebar  just drag the nneded one to the target sidebar, fill in the content, set its width (in horizontal sidebars) and save. For a more detailed description of Cmsmasters widgets see the CMSMS section in this documentation.


Adding a sidebar to your page

You can add a sidebar to any specific page in page options. Simply mark a checkbox for an appropriate sidebar and select a specific sidebar from the dropdown. Initially the Default sidebar is chosen. To have a different sidebar (not default), you need to create a custom sidebar. See instructions on how this can  be done below in this post.

This is how each sidebar is added to any specific page:



Adding custom sidebars

If you need to have a variety of sidebars that differ from page to page of on some pages, you can create as many custom sidebars as you want and subsequently choose any of them on your pages. To add a custom sidebar please proceed to Theme Settings - General - Sidebars:



Give your custom sidebar a name, create it and save the settings: