Footer can be managed in Theme Settings > Appearance > Footer. In Cmsmasters' themes you can choose your footer to have:

  • no additional content
  • footer navigation
  • social icons
  • custom HTML


If you choose footer navigation, you will have a menu in your footer. You will need to create a custom menu for this in Appearance > Menus and save it as Bottom Navigation.

If you choose Social Icons to be displayed in your footer, you need to add some Icons as Social Icons in Theme Settings > Icons. Read more about Social Icons.

If you need something else in your footer, like a specific image for instance, you can add this content via Custom HTML field. Please none, that this field in its default configuration recognizes only some basic tags, and if the code you add disappears after saving, you need to add your tags and attributes to be recognizable for this field. We have a Forum thread about this (go there). This is done not to make theme files be unreasonably long.