You have an opportunity to create and manage sliders - Revolution and Layer Slider.

Once you have enable plugin,

Rev Slider 1

the Revolution Slider tab automatically appears in the menu above Theme Settings, as shown on the screenshot:

Rev Slider 2

First you should create a new slider.

Rev Slider 3





Fill in the required fields:

Rev Slider 3-1

Please choose Full Width Slider Type - the following settings concern the Revolution Slider on Agriculture theme.

Rev Slider 4

Click Create Slider:

Now your slider is available in the list here:

Rev Slider 5

Now your slider is available in the list here:

Rev Slider 6

You may edit, delete or duplicate it.

To configure slides for your slider, please, use this button:

Rev Slider 7

Rev Slider 8

Create a new slide:

Rev Slider 9

Upload the image using default WP uploader and click "Choose":

Rev Slider 10

Your slides will be shown in the menu from now.

All the slider settings shown below are sample settings. You can take a look at them to get an idea about how the Revolution Slider on Agriculture theme works and subsequently setup your own slider.
Your slides will be shown in the menu from now.

Rev Slider 15


Use this button to save changes in the current slider:

Rev Slider 12

And this one to see how this slider looks like:

Rev Slider 13

The main thing you need from now to enable this slider at the page is its Shortcode:

Rev Slider 14

Configure revolution Slides

Each slide can be managed when click on "Edit slide":

Rev Slider 15

Here you can add layers with text, button, image or video

Rev Slider 16

Added layers appear in the list of Layer Sorting area beneath the slide preview area

Rev Slider 17 Rev Slider 17

Use drag'n'drop to move layers, change timeline

Rev Slider 18

Edit visibility

Rev Slider 19

Edit Layer Parameters.
Here are layer Params for the Image:

Rev Slider 20

As you see, you can set whether your image is clickable or not. Choose animation type and position.

Here are Text layer Parameters:

Rev Slider 21

Type the caption text, choose animation type and position and link it to some other slide. Choose the type of your caption:

Rev Slider 22

Also you can click "Insert button", in this case you will get this menu:

Rev Slider 23

When using a Video Layer you should specify Youtube or Vimeo ID:

Rev Slider 24

Rev Slider 25


Rev Slider 26

Set the parameters here:

Rev Slider 27

Drag the elements using slide's visual editor:

Rev Slider 28