Before installing your theme you need to install WordPress first. Please see wordpress installation instructions in WordPress Codex - proceed to WP Codex. When WordPress is successfully installed, log in to your admin panel.

There are two ways to install your theme:
1. Upload via WordPress admin panel.
2. Upload via FTP directly to your server.

After the  theme is installed, you can start adding your content, either by importing the demo content we have included in to your archive, or simply by creating your own pages.



1. Upload Theme via admin Panel

To upload theme using WP admin panel, please follow to Appearance > Themes.




Proceed to “Install theme” tab and click “Upload”.


Click “Search”, choose *.zip file with your theme and click “Install Now”.
Note: To perform the requested action, WordPress needs to access your web server, so when you'll get here please enter your FTP login details. You can contact your hosting provider if you don't remember your login data.


Once the installation is complete, click “Activate”.


2. Upload Theme via FTP

If you choose this way to upload you theme, you need to unzip and copy all the files from your theme folder folder to wp-content/themes/your theme  directly on the server (use only lower case letters!).

Example: for Riviera theme unzip and copy all the files from “Riviera” folder to wp-content/themes/riviera on your server.


After this is done, your theme will be available for activation in WP admin panel: Appearance/Themes. Activate it by clicking “Activate”.
Before activating the theme, please deactivate all the plugins you have installed.

After you have activated them theme, you may upload the demo content that comes in the archive.

If you've encountered any sort of an error during this process, please make sure you have followed all the instructions listed above carefully. Your server settings may restrict some theme features, so sometimes you may need to contact your hosting support about this. If the issue persists, disable all plugins and try again.
For quick solutions and assistance contact our support guys using this form