Clinicity Theme Changelog

4 Nov 2022 Ver.1.0.11
– Tweak: Changes for installer (fast activation issue).
– Tweak: Updated widget importer.
– Tweak: Updated content importer.
– Bug Fix: Fixed removing default widgets in sidebars before import.
– Bug Fix: Fixed content importer.
– Bug Fix: Fixed admin menu icon.
– Bug Fix: Fixed audio player button styles.
– Bug Fix: Fix for Gutenberg button icon.
– Bug Fix: Fix for products list.
– Bug Fix: Fixed Gutenberg editor.

26 May 2022 Ver.1.0.10
* Tweak: Importer optimization.
-Bug Fix: Fixed activation redirect for woocommerce.
-Bug Fix: Fixed admin menu icon.

01 Apr 2022 Ver.1.0.9
– Tweak: Change installer demos styles. 
– Tweak: Add IMPORT_TYPE functionality (demos/kit).
– Bug Fix: Fixed “Soft Deprecation” for Elementor 3.6.0.
– Bug Fix: Fixed activation redirect for Elementor 3.6.0.
– Bug Fix: Fixed import templates for elementor.
– Bug Fix: Allow unfiltered file upload for templates import.
– Bug Fix: Fixed main layout.
– Bug Fix: Fixed logo img.

30 Dec 2021 Ver.1.0.8
-Tweak: Updated scripts for elementor `Improved Asset Loading`.
-Bug Fix: Fixed main layout.

21 Dec 2021 Ver.1.0.7
-Tweak: Changed gutenberg-wp styles.
-Tweak: Changed WooCommerce notices styles.
-Tweak: Filtered page title for WooCommerce shop page.
-Tweak: Added box-shadow controls to dropdown container in Kits.

09 Dec 2021 Ver.1.0.6
-Tweak: Change styles for comment-respond.
-Tweak: Add creation kit if it was not created.
-Tweak: Change woocommerce styles.
-Tweak: Changes for WPML support.
-Tweak: Changes for Elementor Pro support.
-Tweak: Added selection styles.
-Tweak: Changes for Elementor custom breakpoints.

03 Nov 2021 Ver.1.0.5
-Tweak: Changed textarea height in comments.
-Tweak: Changed single styles.
-Tweak: Changed single product thumbnails styles.
-Tweak: Added pings styles.
-Tweak: Changed post meta styles.
-Bug fix: Fixed styles for post password form.
-Bug fix: Fixed WooCommerce zoom buttons.
-Bug fix: Fixed for PHP 8.

29 Sept 2021 Ver.1.0.4
 -Tweak: Changed styles for Gutenberg.
-Tweak: Changed scripts for Gutenberg.
– Tweak: Added styles for nocomments string.
– Tweak: Added placeholder for image in more posts.
– Bug fix: Fixed footer widgets visibility.
– Bug fix: Fixed WooCommerce styles.
-Bug fix: Fixed token regeneration.
– Bug fix: Fixed error with responsive controls in elementor 3.4.0.
-Bug fix: Fixed elementor custom breakpoints in settings.
-Security Improvement: Add translations escaping.

15 Aug 2021 Ver.1.0.3
– Fix: Add a pingback url auto-discovery header for single posts, pages, or attachments.

2 Aug 2021 Ver.1.0.2
– Fix: Add `columns gap` and `widgets gap` settings for footer widgets area.
– Fix: for Gutenberg scripts in WP 5.8.
– Fix: for Site Logo image sizes.

20 Jul 2021 Ver.1.0.1
– Fix: Elementor Page Title Selector default value.
–  Fix: svg logo.
–  Fix: Change translations folder
– Fix: Update Translations
– Fix: Elementor templates import
– Fix: No posts found in search
– Fix: in WooCommerce styles

28 Jun 2021 Ver.1.0.0
– release