CMSMasters Elementor Addon Changelog

01 Feb 2023 Ver.1.7.2
* Bug Fix: Fixed currency gap for GiveWp.
* Bug Fix: Fixed sorting in `Products Archive` widget.

26 Jan 2023 Ver.1.7.1
* Bug Fix: Fixed adaptive style for post content.
* Bug Fix: Fixed svg images for WooCommerce Cart.
* Bug Fix: Fixed lazyload for gif images.

19 Jan 2023 Ver.1.7.0
* New Functionality: `Before & After` widget.
* New Functionality: `Progress Tracker` widget.

12 Jan 2023 Ver.1.6.5
* Tweak: JS Optimization.
* Tweak: CSS Optimization.
* Tweak: Added settings for GiveWp widgets.
* Bug Fix: Fixed testimonial rating.
* Bug Fix: Fixed GiveWP receipt title.
* Bug Fix: Fixed border radius for product image on iphone.
* Bug Fix: Fixed close button in offcanvas widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed menu item space between in navigation menu widget.
* Bug Fix: The display of templates has been fixed.
* Bug Fix: Fixed elementor deprecation.

06 Oct 2022 Ver.1.6.4
* Bug Fix: Fixed display Facebook for IOS.

19 Sept 2022 Ver.1.6.3
* Tweak: Added `Apply effects on:` control for scrolling and mouse track effects.
* Bug Fix: Fixed product image with border radius.
* Bug Fix: Fixed remove icon for woo cart.
* Bug Fix: Fixed icon for woo button.

25 Aug 2022 Ver.1.6.2
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice “_skin” for woocommerce product review.
* Bug Fix: Fixed editor custom icons for forms.

24 Aug 2022 Ver.1.6.1
* Bug Fix: Fixed twitter connection.
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice “_skin” for woo product images.
* Bug Fix: Fixed basedir in translations.

19 Aug 2022 Ver.1.6.0
* New Functionality: GiveWp widget.
* New Functionality: Timetable widget.
* Tweak: Added size controls for animation text.
* Tweak: Added post navigation box shadow control.
* Tweak: Added woo cart image border radius control.
* Bug Fix: Replacing `_register_controls()` with `register_controls()` for TimeTable widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed condition controls responsive for elementor 3.7.0+.
* Bug Fix: Fixed application of color for the icon.
* Bug Fix: Fixed display content for editor
* Bug Fix: Fixed lazyload for svg images.
* Bug Fix: Fixed border radius for background overlay.

8 Aug 2022 Ver.1.5.1
* Tweak: Added `Aspect Ratio` and `Width` controls for video thumbnails.
* Bug Fix: Fixed filter for finder categories in Elementor 3.7.0.
* Bug Fix: Fixed applying styles for current menu ancestor.
* Bug Fix: Fixed comments anchor.
* Bug Fix: Fixed border radius for tabs list item.
* Bug Fix: Fixed forminator login form.
* Bug Fix: Removed padding for the search button in the link type.
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice if empty key in weather widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed offcanvas scrollbar.
* Bug Fix: Fixed button upload for forminator widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice “_skin”.
* Bug Fix: Fixed text shadow in list item.
* Bug Fix: Fixed cover image with insert url.
* Bug Fix: Fixed scroll bar in video list.
* Bug Fix: Fixed display of widget template, page and section.

7 July 2022 Ver.1.5.0
* New Functionality: Ticker Widget.
* New Functionality: Added current date time to dynamic tags.
* Tweak: Added vertical alignment setting for blog grid.
* Tweak: Added pointer animation for post navigation title.
* Tweak: Added `Thumb` and `Track` controls for scrollbar in Offcanvas widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed display of controls on the Pointer Animation tab.
* Bug Fix: Adds border & icon settings for taxonomy & author.
* Bug Fix: Fixed post inner.
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice “_skin” in Weather widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed notice “_skin” in Social Counter widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed quotes in data-html of Video Playlist widget.

26 May 2022 Ver.1.4.0
* New Functionality: Weather Widget.
* Tweak: Added display of the date and time of the post update.
* Tweak: Added sorting by likes & views.
* Tweak: Added markers for post grid widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed display of advanced separator settings when adding a skin.
* Bug Fix: Added settings stock & fix button position for Product Add To Cart.
* Bug Fix: Fixed selectors for Post Comments.
* Bug Fix: Fixed box shadow for tab item.
* Bug Fix: Fixed applying background for tab link.
* Bug Fix: Fixed image fit for media carousel widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed product images(not slider).
* Bug Fix: Fixed admin menu icon.

25 Mar 2022 Ver.1.3.8
* Tweak: Added the menu item indicator in Offcanvas widget.
* Tweak: Added settings reply & edit buttons for comments list.
* Tweak: Added hide background on responsive for section & column.
* Bug Fix: Fixed settings for woo empty cart.
* Bug Fix: Fixed controls in product badge stock.
* Bug Fix: Fixed JS woo button add to cart.
* Bug Fix: Fixed control label in product badge sale.
* Bug Fix: Fixed deprecated function _content_template in breadcrumbs widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed `Entrance Animation` control when responsive in video and video stream widgets.
* Bug Fix: Fixed google maps custom style script.
* Bug Fix: Fixed border radius post nav.
* Bug Fix: Fixed settings comments list.
* Bug Fix: Fixed check box & radio buttons layout for Forminator Widget.
* Bug Fix: Added support custom breakpoints for breadcrumbs, post navigation fixed, search, sitemap, blob, add to cart.
* Bug Fix: Replacing `_register_skins()` with `register_skins()` for Elementor 3.6.0.

31 Jan 2022 Ver.1.3.7
* Bug Fix: Fixed alignment & position elements in tabs.
* Bug Fix: Fixed background controls for custom breakpoints.
* Bug Fix: Fixed woo button icon.
* Bug Fix: Fixed icons in controls.

24 Jan 2022 Ver.1.3.6
* Bug Fix: Fixed for Elementor pro document types.

18 Jan 2022 Ver.1.3.5
* Tweak: Added icon for add to cart button.
* Bug Fix: Fixed cart popup.
* Bug Fix: Added support custom breakpoints for meta data.
* Bug Fix: Fixed logo image by default in `Site Logo` widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed empty button_icon in `Featured Box` widget.

23 Dec 2021 Ver.1.3.4
* Tweak: Added Elementor `Improved Asset Loading` support.

14 Dec 2021 Ver.1.3.3
* Tweak: Added `Active Toggle` control for first load.
* Tweak: Added button icon for featured box widget.
* Tweak: Changes for WPML compatibility.
* Tweak: Added value top to the `Position` control in button widget.
* Tweak: Added `Position` control for value item in icon list widget.
* Tweak: Changed responsive controls for Elementor custom breakpoints.
* Tweak: Added input focus at popup opened.
* Bug Fix: Fixed toggle item close in accordion mode at the click him.
* Bug Fix: Fixed image width for featured box widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed animation of parent block if offcanvas widget is inserted into it.
* Bug Fix: Fixed `Icon Gap` control for icon.          
* Bug Fix: Fixed aria labelledby attribute for toggle title.
* Bug Fix: Fixed title hover for featured box.
* Bug Fix: Fixed empty woo cart text.
* Bug Fix: Fixed border radius for the background of comment element in post comment widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed tabs list wrapper.
* Bug Fix: Fixed tabs list items for safari.
* Bug Fix: Fixed CSS filter for post navigation.
* Bug Fix: Fixed position before text for meta data widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed post excerpt widget for safari.
* Bug Fix: Fixed icon indent on rtl.
* Bug Fix: Fixed popup trigger alignment on responsive in `search` widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed button alignment style on responsive in `button` widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed widgets for Safari.

03 Nov 2021 Ver.1.3.2
* Bug Fix: Fixed `Prevent Duplicates` functionality in post query.
* Bug Fix: Fixed date translations.
* Bug Fix: Fixed lazyload image placeholder size.
* Bug Fix: Fixed tab title wrapper.
* Bug Fix: Fixed buttons transition.
* Bug Fix: Fixed mailchimp fields ID.
* Bug Fix: Fixed media carousel navigation.

19 Oct 2021 Ver.1.3.1
* Tweak: Added styles for Timetable widget.
* Tweak: Update translations.
* Tweak: Changed Padding control on responsive in Author Box widget.
* Tweak: Added Icon Position control for dropdown toggle.
* Bug Fix: Fixed animation in products ajax loading.
* Bug Fix: Fixed unclosed div in multiple rows for grid skin.
* Bug Fix: Fixed Box Shadow control for normal and hover states in Share Button widget
* Bug Fix: Fixed extra space for button in Featured Box widget
* Bug Fix: Fixed validation errors in Animated Text widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed validation errors in Fancy Text widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed image attributes in Media Carousel widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed for PHP 8.
* Bug Fix: Disabled page scrolling on open canvas.

29 Sept 2021 Ver.1.3.0
* New Functionality: Toggles widget.
* New Functionality: Sitemap Widget.
* Tweak: `Spacing Top` control for subtotal.
* Tweak: `Alignment` control for title in Icon List Widget.
* Bug Fix: Fixed clickable of links in Navigation Menu Widget dropdown.
* Bug Fix: Fixed product image display in slider and anchor skins if images are added to the gallery.
* Bug Fix: applying border none controls.
* Bug Fix: `Gap Between` for Cart Products.
* Bug Fix: Error with responsive controls in elementor 3.4.0, Fixed ‘width’ control.
* Bug Fix: Styles for product image.
* Bug Fix: Render icons for WooCommerce data tabs.
* Bug Fix: Fixed lazyload in slider.
* Bug Fix: Fixed svg in slider arrows.

2 Sept 2021 Ver.1.2.4
* Tweak: Add microformats for Testimonials.
* Bug Fix: Error with responsive controls in elementor 3.4.0.
* Bug Fix: control `width` for Comment form.
* Bug Fix: Display of the number of records for contact form.

30 Aug 2021 Ver.1.2.3
* Tweak: Added `Product Image` control for product image in product images grid widget.
* Tweak: Added `Gap Between`, `Border`, `Border Radius`, `Box Shadow` controls for product gallery images in product images grid widget.
* Bug Fix: Error with responsive controls in elementor 3.4.0
* Bug Fix: unclosed div in multiple rows in product images grid widget.
* Bug Fix: product image display if images are added to the gallery in product images grid widget.
* Bug Fix: display of the `Padding` control for the button view in search widget.
* Bug Fix: path in selectors for `Width`, `Background Color`, `Padding`, `Border` and `Box Shadow` controls for offcanvas content in offcanvas widget.
* Bug Fix: Translations for the plugin.
* Bug Fix: Fixed line-clamp css property.
* Bug Fix: Fixed width control in Featured Box.

2 Aug 2021 Ver.1.2.2
* Bug Fix: for Site Logo image sizes.

26 Jul 2021 Ver.1.2.1
* Tweak: Added `Box Shadow` control for canvas.
* Bug Fix: for Site Logo.
* Bug Fix: Display select fields for Forminator forms.

8 Jul 2021 Ver.1.2.0
* New Functionality: Added Icon List widget.
* Tweak: Added `Top Gap` control for dropdown menu. Fixed the visibility of the Padding control in Offcanvas.
* Bug Fix: Fixed opening submenu in dropdown mode.
* Bug Fix: for Repeater Fields.
* Bug Fix: Fixed `Spacing` control for icon. Changed `Min Width` to responsive control in Button.
* Bug Fix: Fixed `Border Radius` for icon in Post Navigation.
* Bug Fix: Added `Size` control for main and submenu indicator icons. Fixed `Breakpoint` control in Navigation Menu.

28 Jun 2021 Ver.1.1.0
* New Functionality: Added Forminator widget.
* New Functionality: Added Testimonial widget.
* New Functionality: Added Testimonials Slider widget.
* New Feature: Added the ability to set gradient background color to buttons.
* New Feature: Added dynamic for `URL` control in Video Playlist.
* New Feature: Added comments count with text, add text-before/after author avatar in Meta Data.
* New Feature: Added Minimum Height & Maximum Width controls in Sticky.
* New Feature: Added background gradient for tab list in Tabs.
* New Feature: Added `Position` control for trigger in Offcanvas.
* New Feature: Added background gradient to wrapper & icon in Post Navigation Fixed and Post Navigation.
* Tweak: Code refactoring, added supported ACF Pro field types render.
* Tweak: Added separate block for background color in Template Pages.
* Tweak: Changes for `Site Logo` in Offcanvas.
* Tweak: Added control groups for css vars.
* Tweak: Added dynamic for `Title`, `Subtitle` and audio `Links` item controls in Audio Playlist.
* Tweak: Added Disabled options for ‘URL’ control in Audio Playlist.
* Bug Fix: slides per view control responsive mode.
* Bug Fix: Elementor 3.2.1 lightbox.
* Bug Fix: effect inheritance in child elements.
* Bug Fix: rendering of widget items after removing media in Gallery.
* Bug Fix: disabled options for dynamic fields in Audio.
* Bug Fix: assignment `content_author_link` variable. Added check on empty in Video Slider.
* Bug Fix: Update for new Elementor responsive mode breakpoints.
* Bug Fix: `Alignment` control on responsive in Breadcrumbs.

10 Mar 2021 Ver.1.0.3
* New Functionality: Added ‘archive-posts’ widget.
* Tweak: Added slider object check to move the slider to the first slide on lightbox open.
* Tweak: Added anchor link for instagram settings.
* Tweak: Added icon switcher & remove default icon in Slider.
* Tweak: Added button `Text Shadow`, variations select `Options` styles and `Price Gap` in Add to Cart.
* Bug Fix: icon switcher in Slider.
* Bug Fix: display number of tweets without limits.
* Bug Fix: Avatar Position gap on responsive in Author Box.
* Bug Fix: bug if slider_to_scroll more than slider_per_view.
* Bug Fix: responsive controls selectors in Effects.

5 Mar 2021 Ver.1.0.2
* New Feature: Added button Text Shadow group control in Forms.
* New Feature: Added button width control & Text Shadow group control in Featured Box.
* Tweak: Added Font Awesome Regular in Meta Data.
* Tweak: removed 3 columns by default on mobile from `slider_per_view` control in Slider.
* Bug Fix: template output in Search.
* Bug Fix: rows gap control styles in Forms.
* Bug Fix: preview background color control in updated Elementor markup in Blog.

27 Feb 2021 Ver.1.0.1
* Bug Fix: PHP 5.6 and PHP strict standard.

26 Feb 2021 Ver.1.0.0
* Release