Element Custom Attributes

Advanced - Additional Settings

You can add custom attributes to the wrapper of every Section, Column or Widget.


This enables the addition of data-* attributes, ARIA attributes (accessibility) and values, header, footer, sidebar, rel=*, and other attributes that can be found here: https://www.tutorialspoint.com/html5/html5_attributes.htm

Add Custom Attributes to Sections, Columns, or Widgets

Add your code for the element to the editor, using the format key|value. For example, to add role=”presentation” to the element’s HTML, enter role|presentation here.
Set custom attributes for the wrapper element, with each attribute in a separate line. Separate attribute key from the value using the | character. If you need to add multiple properties for one attribute, use a space between them.
Example of one property for one attribute:


Example of two properties for one attribute:

data-spots|round long

In this example, data-spots is the custom attribute, and round and long are the properties of the attribute. When you view the source code that is output, it will look like this:

data-spots=”round long”

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