Event Title Widget

Use the widget to add title to events.



Link To: Choose where the title should link to. You can set None it you don’t want to have a link on a title or choose between Event and Custom to make a title to link to the event itself or add a custom link for a title.

HTML Tag: Choose the needed tag from a dropdown.

Alignment:  Choose between Left, Center, Right or Justified title alignment.

Truncate Text: Slide to YES to enable text truncation.

Number of Lines: When text truncation is activated you can set a number of lines the text should be limited.

Advanced: Here you can add information that should be displayed Before title, After title and Fallback.



event title widget style

Text Background: Choose between Default, Gradient and Image background and set it.

Color: Set a title color.

Typography: Set Typography using settings from the dropdown.

Text Shadow: Choose desired settings from the dropdown.


Hover Color: Set a title hover color.

Text Shadow: Choose desired settings from the dropdown.

Transition Duration: Add the needed transition duration value here.

Blend Mode: Choose desired setting from a dropdown.

Stroke Width: Set a stroke width here. When a stroke width is set you can choose a stroke color and stroke hover color.

Pointer Animation

Hover Effect: Choose a desired effect from a dropdown.



Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget