How to Translate the Theme

Create New Translation
Create New Translation
You will find the language pot file in wp-content/themes/theme_name/theme-config/languages folder. Copy the .pot file to your computer for editing.
Then run Poedit and create new translation from POT template.
Choose the .pot file you’ve copied to use as a skeleton of your language. You’ll get the list of messages and common phrases.

Choose the desired language from dropdown list and click “OK”.

Poedit will name automatically your file – for example, if you select Spanish (Spain): es_ES.po

Choose the Language
Choose the Language
Add Translation
Add Translations

The next step is to select the constant text string you want to translate from the “Source text – English” field and type in the necessary translation into the “Translation” field.

You can translate as much as you want, just go through the file and click on each string in Poedit and add your translation.

When translation is finished, save your file. Poedit will automatically create both .po and .mo files. 

You should rename these files  adding ‘theme_name-‘ before the files’ names and copy these two files to your server: wp-content/languages/themes folder. In case if there is no wp-content/languages/themes folder you should create it first.

For example, for Spanish (Spain) language for YourWay theme these files should be named: 


How to translate CMSMasters Elementor Addon

Our themes are using CMSMasters Elementor Addon plugin, so some phrases should be translated using the plugin’s .pot file. You can find it in /wp-content/plugins/cmsmasters-elementor-addon/languages/ – please create new .po and .mo files from this .pot file using Poedit, rename them adding ‘cmsmasters-elementor-‘ before the files’ names and place them in /wp-content/languanges/plugins folder.

For example, for Spanish (Spain) language these files should be named: