Presets can be found at the Advanced tab of a widget’s settings. 

Pre-made presets are the predesigned style of the widgets. These styles are created by the cmsmasters team and are included by default. Unlike Custom Presets, its not possible to edit the source of the pre-made presets.

Custom presets are presets created by you. You can create and save the styles of the widgets which can be used everywhere on the website. You can create as many styles of the widget as you want.

How to create a new Preset?

  1. Add the widget on the page and change the style of the widget, font size, color, margin, padding, etc.
  2.  In the Presets tab click on the Custom tab, enter the Preset name of your style and click Save Preset.
  3. That’s it! Now you can apply this style to any other widget on your site. 

Using the Custom Presets

Added Custom presets can be used like Pre-made presets, once you create them they will be available in the Presets > Custom tab:

  1. Add the widget on the page.
  2. From the Advanced tab choose Presets  -> Custom, there you will see all Custom presets.
  3. Click on the style you want to apply and enjoy the result.

Removing Custom Presets

Custom presets can be removed by the Delete button.