Product Rating Widget

The Product Rating widget allows you to display star ratings within your content. Both the label and the stars are fully customizable for size, color, and typography.


Always Show Rating stars: Slide to YES to show Rating stars even in case there are no ratings.

Show a Link to Reviews: Slide to YES to show a Link to Reviews

Alignment: Choose between Left, Center, Right of Justified rating stars alignment.

Rating Icon: Choose Empty and Filled icons from Icon library or upload desired SVG.

For correct displaying variations of the same icon should be used (eg.: star icons both for empty and filled options).

You can also choose either an Empty or Filled icon to be used for both states.


Icon Size: Set desired Icons size.

Icon Spacing: Set a spacing between icons.

Icon Color: Choose a Color from a color palette or dynamic tags.(for Empty and Filled icons)

Space Between: Set a space between Icons and a Link to Reviews.

Link to Reviews

Typography: Set a Typography using settings from the dropdown.

Link Color: Choose a Color from a color palette or dynamic tags.(for Normal and Hover modes)

For Hover Mode you can also set Transition duration, i.e. choose the amount of time to transition from one filter setting to the other on hover.


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget