Progress Tracker Widget

Use the widget to display the progress of reading to show how much is left.


Progress Tracker


Tracker Type: Select between Horizontal or Circular from the dropdown menu.

Progress relative to: Select between Entire Page, Post Content, or Selector from the dropdown menu.

      If Selector is chosen add the CSS ID or Class of a specific element on this page to track its progress separately.

Direction: Choose between Left or Right direction.

Percentage: Slide to YES to enable the percentage of the progress. Here you can also choose between the left or right percentage position. 




Background Color: Choose the container background color.

Height: Set the container height for widescreen, desktop, tablet and mobile.

Padding: Set the container padding for widescreen,desktop, tablet and mobile.

Border Radius: Set the container border radius.

Box Shadow: Choose desired settings from the dropdown.

Border Type: Choose a Border Type from the dropdown and set it. 



Progress Color: Choose the progress color.

Border Radius: Set the indicator border radius.

Border Type: Choose a Border Type from the dropdown and set it.



Typography: Set Typography using settings from the dropdown.

Color: Choose the content color.

Text Shadow: Set the text shadow using settings from the dropdown.


Set the Advanced options that are applicable to this widget