What the CMSMasters Elementor Addon is for?

Elementor is the world’s leading WordPress website builder plugin, but Elementor’s free version offers limitless design possibilities.

However, CMSMasters Elementor addon plugin provides you with an extended functionality and tools that allow you to get a professional website, quickly and easily.

CMSMasters Elementor addon  comes with the theme, so there is no need to make any additional payments. 

Install and activate the CMSMasters Elementor addon to get all the advantages the theme provides:

Additional widgets for all purposes

35+ Design Widgets

Create the content the way you like – use Video and Audio widgets, Sliders, Blog posts widgets, Social widgets, Gallery and Media Carousel, Animated text widgets and many others.

6+ Site Wide Widgets

They help you to build the unique and functional website – Site Logo, Navigation Menu, Offcanvas widget, Search, Breadcrumbs, Page title.

10+ Singular Widgets

Use them to create flexible and custom posts layouts – Post title, Post Excerpt, Featured Image, Post Media, Post Navigation, Post Navigation Fixed, Author Box, Post Comments, Post Content, Meta Data.

5+ Entry Widgets

They help you to create the blog post entry, setting all post elements as you need – Post Title, Post Excerpt, Featured Image, Post Media, Meta Data.

Archive Widgets

Customize the archive pages, choosing the style and location for the Archive Title, Archive Description and Author Box.

Advanced settings for each widget


advanced sticky tab
Advanced - Sticky


advanced effects tab
Advanced - Effects

Additional Settings

advanced additional settings tab
Advanced - Additional Settings


advanced ribbon tab
Advanced - Ribbon

Template builder

Easily customize every part of your website creating templates.

Choose the Template type

It can be Header, Footer, Singular Page or Post, Archive or Entry template.

Use Dynamic Content

Fill your content dynamically with data from your website. Use dynamic content parts like page title or featured image to add the content automatically.

Site wide widgets, Singular widgets, Entry widgets and Archive widgets work just in that way.

Set Locations

locations cms
Template Settings - Locations

Choose where your template will apply: sitewide, in a specific page or category, or any other location you may like.

eCommerce functionality

 An eCommerce website is essentially an online store, where you provide a product or a service for other people to purchase.  WooCommerce plugin is one of the most popular solutions for creating an internet shop and it is completely free. It allows to create all needed shop pages and products, and with the CMSMasters Elementor Addon you can easily customize the look and feel of your product pages.

Create WooCommerce templates

template builder cms woocommerce

Easily create the templates to customize the products page displaying. 

+3 Templates types:

  • Product template.
  • Product Archive template
  • Product Entry template

Dedicated WooCommerce Widgets

You’ll have many additional widgets at your disposal, including 16 Product widgets, 9 Product Entry widgets, 3 Products Archive widgets and 4 WooCommerce widgets.

Support and detailed docs

Should you need any help with the widgets and templates setup, please feel free to contact our support team. Our support agents will be happy to help you with the questions concerning theme and plugins functionality. 

The detailed information concerning the widgets can be found at the All Widgets menu. To learn more about the Advanced settings for each widgets please proceed to this article.